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“Sarah was instrumental in helping guide us as new parents and getting our son into a healthy sleep and eating routine. We could always trust Sarah to be extremely responsible and have our son’s best interests in mind. She was respectful to our values and fit in really well with our family. We didn't have to worry about our son for one second in her care. The combination of Sarah’s experience and calm/grounded presence makes her an amazing Doula and I highly recommend her services to any family and mother-to-be. She has a breadth of knowledge that is so valuable when preparing for labor, bringing your newborn home and caring for your child as they develop from their first breadth to a young toddler. We were sad when Sarah moved on, but any family that works with her is so lucky! It’s important she be able to positively impact other families and newborns out there as she has so much to offer!”


“I am very happy to recommend Sarah Swymeler Glick as a Newborn Care Specialist. We were so fortunate to recently have her care for our newborn son. Having Sarah in our home during this time in our lives was one of the best decisions we could have made for our baby’s care. Sarah is competent, kind, wise, meticulous and professional. She was an enormous help with our son and it was wonderful knowing our newborn baby was safely with her during the night. She ensured that he slept well, was nourished and soothed throughout the night. Sarah was always punctual and took the time after arriving to discuss any issues or questions we might have. In the morning Sarah would provide us with detailed notes regarding his needs and overnight events. Sarah has a calm and supportive presence and a gift for understanding newborns. Having Sarah’s overnight care helped us so much as a family since it allowed us to be present during the day for our older child’s needs and provided the rest to help recover from childbirth. I highly recommend Sarah and know that she will be an valuable asset to all the future families.”


"I was able to have the natural birth I envisioned for myself and Sarah played a substantial role in that ongoing process. I cannot speak highly enough about her and her dedication to you professional role as a doula".

"A doula is kind of like a personal trainer, she provided evidence based education, experience, and listened to my personal desires without  judgement, Sarah helped me sift and formulate my ideal birth, provided continuous support and respect during the process. She respected my goals and my relationship with my partner, allowing his participation at his level of comfort, allowing him to know the process was normal, that i was safe and so was our baby. The process made me feel strong, supported".

"I hired Sarah as a doula for the birth of my son. She was warm, compassionate, caring, and grounded. Being grounded may have been the attribute I needed the most, during the intensity and critical moments Sarah was able to help me stay grounded.


In addition, she supported me both before and in the days after the actual labor and birth of my son. She was warm and compassionate when he still had not arrived four days past his due date. She sent me informative articles regarding this sacred time and validated my feeling during the final days of my pregnancy. She was always available by phone, text, and email. Present to help me work through whatever surfaced."

"As a first time mom I was very nervous and wanted everything to go perfectly. Sarah was there the whole time and was a huge relief. She helped us go through the toughest times. She helped my boyfriend and mom by allowing them to take breaks. We were in the hospital for four days before our little angel was delivered into the world.


I appreciated the meeting we had beforehand and how organized she was. She was always there to answer any questions. She helped build my confidence and trust the process.

I can't imagine my birth without our doula Sarah there. One of the best choices we made regarding our birth plan".


"Sarah was my Doula for the birth of my second child, this is my story;My husband and I were unsure of our need for a Doula, for almost the same reasons... he didn't want to be pushed aside from being my support, and I knew from previous experience he was all I needed. However, from my research I knew a Doula would help achieve the un-medicated birth I wanted and lower the chances of interventions. So, coming highly recommended, we hired Sarah. From day one, she reassured my husband that she would not be replacing him or stealing his thunder, but only be there for our needs and to support him in his job of comforting me. But, as assured as we were.. nothing could have prepared us for how wonderful and necessary she was during my labor and delivery! It honestly was like when you need glasses but you don't know you are going blind. She was our glasses! She was great at being our advocate with the hospital staff, because she had the knowledge we were lacking to adequately describe our needs. She intuitively met our needs, while remaining in the background of the process. When I required a little backup expressing my birth plan to a presumptuous nurse, she stood by our sides, and gracefully held her own. She is gentle, sweet, humble, kind and even tough (when needed), all at the same time.Sarah has a gift of knowing just what is needed and providing it, and It doesn't get much better then that! Thank you Sarah!"

"As a first time mom I was very nervous and wanted everything to go perfectly. Sarah was there the whole time and was a huge relief. She helped us go through the toughest times. She helped my boyfriend and mom by allowing them to take breaks. We were in the hospital for four days before our little angel was delivered into the world.


I appreciated the meeting we had beforehand and how organized she was. She was always there to answer any questions. She helped build my confidence and trust the process.

I can't imagine my birth without our doula Sarah there. One of the best choices we made regarding our birth plan".

"Sarah was such a calming, nurturing presence during a few pivotal months of sleep development for my son. I always felt so secure knowing Sarah was with him at night; her confidence and grace filled the house with wonderful energy.

I also truly appreciated Sarah's gracious flexibility with what I was trying to achieve and different methods I wanted to try in order to achieve an unbroken night of sleep. We worked together very well and truly cemented a solid sleep schedule for him so that when she left, I felt at ease that I could take it on myself. We miss having Sarah in our home, and I would recommend her services to anyone who needs a calming, gentle, and confident presence for their child at night!"

"I recommend Sarah to all expecting parents, especially first time fathers and partners who are looking to provide encouragement and support. She possessed a profound mastery of when to stay in the periphery and when to intervene. This not just allowed us to have our own experience but to drastically enhance our connection as a family. She was instrumental in facilitating a warm, loving and natural environment. Thank you so much Sarah."

"Our family has had the good fortune to work with Sarah as a postpartum doula/infant care specialist for our infant twin girls. We can not stress enough how instrumental she has been in helping our daughters thrive in these very important first months of life. Sarah is a complete professional and expert at what she does. She is caring beyond measure and supported both me and the babies from their delicate first moments. She was there at the hospital after my birth and helped me and the babies as I recovered from my c­-section and for several months at home. She is equally expert at day and night care.We relied on Sarah to guide us through their many transitions. She is always developmentally appropriate and has gotten the twins on an excellent schedule while respecting their needs. What she has taught us about babies and children will serve us for many years to come. Her personality is warm and loving and she possesses a positive and can do attitude. She is equally as engaging with our six year old daughter who loves Sarah too! I highly recommend Sarah as an instrumental asset to any household. We have traveled away from the twins for short trips and we were relaxed knowing that our precious girls were in the best hands. Additionally, she can work independently and also as a team player, has excellent communication skills and is authentically dedicated to her work. She is often staying late and coming early to make sure things are well for shift changes. Sarah’s energy in our home will be missed and we will be staying in touch with her. The babies are blissfully happy and we are certain that Sarah’s care and connection with them has been a huge contributor to this."


"When we were pregnant with our first, my husband and I were uncertain if a doula was the route we wanted to take because we really didn’t know much about them. However, after our initial meeting with Sarah, we were certain we wanted a doula, specifically her, on our birth team. Sarah conducted herself in such a graceful and peaceful manner; we were always so at ease with her (even our crazy Golden Retriever was calm whenever she was around). She met with us a couple of times prior to the birth of our son and made sure we were prepared as much as we could be for the type of birth we wanted; all natural with no interventions. She helped us understand our options and helped us gain the confidence we needed to be our own advocate. During labor, she was careful to give us the space we desired, but was there every step of the way when we needed her. She provided words of wisdom, comfort, and encouragement to me and provided assurance, stability, and calm for my husband. Since I am such an introvert, I was concerned about having someone I had just met be part of something so private and intimate, but Sarah made me feel so comfortable and I never felt like my space was being invaded. My husband said there would have been no way he would have remained so calm throughout labor without Sarah there. Every time he would get nervous about something that was happening or worried that something was going wrong, Sarah was there with the assurance that everything was going beautifully. The calm she brought to the whole experience made all the difference and I truly believe that, without Sarah, we would not have had such a positive experience."

"Sarah was a huge part of our birthing process, and I can't imagine things without her guidance, knowledge, and support. From the initial appointment, to the birth of our daughter, Sarah was instrumental. During our birthing process, Sarah was there for my husband and I in ways I can't even describe. She came to the hospital close to midnight, and stayed until 3pm the following day. She was not only an incredible help to me while in labor, but to be able to support my husband and give him time to gather himself, was priceless. I can not recommend Sarah enough, she is incredible and was a key part in our birthing process."

"We worked with Sarah for the birth of our daughter, and we are so glad we did. I simply cannot imagine the experience without her presence. Throughout the process Sarah was professional, warm, supportive, flexible, and kind. During our pre-birth meetings she took great care in answering our questions and seemed genuinely interested in helping us have the birth experience we wanted. She made the development and writing of the birth plan simple by listening to our desires and interpreting them into a straightforward one page document for the hospital staff. I never once felt that she had any desire to influence our choices or create anything other than our ideal birth story.

Sarah's assistance in preparing for the birth was an excellent foundation for entering the birth experience with her as our doula. When my husband broke his leg two weeks before my due date, I was comforted by the knowledge we had Sarah’s support and that she was willing to drive us to the hospital as I wanted to labor at home as long as possible and he could no longer drive. When I went into labor early, she spent a few hours at home with us before transferring to the hospital. During the birth she worked with my husband and me to provide all the comfort measures possible, whether it was suggesting new positions or providing soothing touch through contractions. When we were faced with decisions about interventions, Sarah helped us remember our birth plan to guide our choices, and gently worked with hospital staff at opportune times to stick to the plan. A few staff members recognized Sarah from other births and were happy to see her again.

Sarah worked with my husbands injury beautifully, and was conscious throughout the labor of ways to help him connect with me despite his limited mobility. I really cannot say how many times she moved the hospital chair to the bedside for him and away for the nurses, and then back again! The two of them were a great team that made me feel supported and helped greatly through the contractions. Sarah seemed to know what I would need or what would happen before I did, and one of my few clear memories of active labor is her prediction that I would be sick and offering refreshing scents immediately after. Similarly, I’ll never forget the sweet look on Sarah’s face after Ava was delivered—even though she had been working for over 18 hours straight. I could tell in that moment she deeply loves being a doula. She was essential in helping us through the most intense experience of our lives, and working with Sarah was the single best decision we made for our birth experience."

"As the partner I am very thankful for Sarah and all her help. Our birth story wouldn’t have been as positive without her. Watching my wife go through labor was the most intense thing I have had the pleasure to be part of, Sarah helped me stay grounded and provide the best support. With my injury, Sarah was instrumental in helping me move around the hospital room comfortably. Without her help it would have been much harder for me to be close to my wife and I would have felt I was getting in the way of the hospital staff. She was very easy to work with and I felt very included in the process from start to finish. I was truly impressed with Sarah’s ability to provide such nurturing support for my wife and myself during such a long labor."

"I cannot emphasize how helpful night support is during the first weeks of new parenthood. Each additional bit of sleep it affords parents is gold. Sarah Swymeler Glick helped us with our baby girl for the first many weeks of her life. Sarah was punctual, attentive, thorough and clearly experienced. Beyond being a great caretaker of our little one she was supportive and a good resource on topics like breastfeeding, processing the many emotions of new motherhood and recommendations on baby gear. The quality I appreciated most was her non judgmental approach- I always felt empowered after chatting with Sarah. Would hire her again in a heartbeat- highly recommend Sarah!"

"Sarah was or postpartum doula for about a month when we brought our second son home from the hospital. She watched our son at night and was there the night we brought him home from the hospital. She was attentive to his needs and mine. I had a c section so having Sarah there to make sure I got as much sleep as possible so I could be present for my family during the day was key. She asked a lot of questions and was unobtrusive in our home. She had a knack for keeping my sons cry's to a minimum which ensured my older sons sleep wasn't interrupted. I highly recommend Sarah to care for mother and baby."

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