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Trained and certified as a Birth, Postpartum Doula and Newborn Care Specialist the care which is provided through Supported doula services is a blend of deep understanding to the physiological/hormonal response of body/mind during birth/post birth along with the education/awareness to the needs of a Newborn.

Providing evidenced based information on things such as infant feeding/breastfeeding/chestfeeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, family–baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care. As well as being familiar with all of the “normal” appearances and behaviors of a newborn, this awareness brings peace of mind to the parents that their newborn is developing appropriately.

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Overnight  Support:
Daytime  Support:

Overnight night support consist of caring for babe while the parents sleep restfully. It can look like many ways based on your desire for infant feeding, when time for a feeding I may provide babe with a bottle or bring the baby to you for nursing. After feeding, the baby is burped and changed and put back to bed, soothed and supported. Intended for parents to rest and receive support, as rest is valuable for physical and emotional well being.

Overnight support scheduling options include:

a minimum of 8hrs per night/per shift. 

Overnight care can be as little as one night a week or extended to either 5-7 nights of care, usually a minimum of 2 weeks and have been known to stay on positions for as long as 4-6 months.

Rates vary between $35 - $50 per hour
depending on location and number of babes. 

During the day support will provide similar to the care given at night but also strives to create a nurturing and stimulating environment for the baby during waking hours. Providing light meal prep and light house keeping.

Day support scheduling options include:

a 4 hour minimum; morning shifts, afternoon shifts or a full 8 hour day of care. Contract length may vary from one week to several months, truly depending on the needs of your family.

All length of contracts are uniquely designed for the needs of an individual family, Supported doula services openly accepts all questions and inquiries.

Rates vary between $25 - $40 per hour
depending on location and number of babes. 

POSTPARTUM DOULA SUPPORT, the care provided:

All Care through supported doula services is uniquely designed for the needs of an individual family, experience that I bring with me includes:


-Providing assistance with post birth recovery, giving focus to the physical and emotional wellbeing of parents and babe.

-Holds awareness and understanding of Postpartum Mood disorders/sensitivity towards maternal mental health.

-Providing support with infant feeding, understanding breastfeeding/chestfeeding , and formula feeding.

-Creating a smooth transition for family during the newborn stage. Soothing/supporting babe, ensuring all needs are met, content, comfortable and safe, all leading to healthy development and sense of security. 

-Assisting with sleep training beyond three months of age and healthy weight gain, establishing healthy sleep habits with the goal of sleeping through the night as soon possible for that individual newborn/temperament.

-Knowledgeable in Reflux/Colic and available to provide helpful solutions/caring techniques with awareness of supportive outside resources.

-Experienced in working with multiples and effectively teaching parents how to create a routine/care for more than one babe at a time.

-Sibling Support, supporting the transition for all members of the family.

-Support with maintaining organization and cleanliness of nursery/baby space, baby laundry, bottles and breast pump/pieces.

-Support with light snack/meal prep, running errands, trips to the market, assisting and supporting during appointments.

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