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A response to Covid-19...

The task of Postpartum doula/Newborn Care Specialist is to offer essential support at a vulnerable/life changing time, this support does not become less essential in times of public adversity. In times of high stress, it is important that new mothers/parents have time/support to care for their basic needs such as physical recovery, mental/emotional health and rest in order to smoothly transition into parenthood.


As an evidence-based professional, I follow the guidance of the most recent and relevant information; this includes the CDC, AWHONN, and the AAP for information relevant to the postpartum/newborn period. To learn more review of the precautions/newly implemented standard procedure here.... Covid-19 updates.

Supporting you in the hospital, the home or birth center, providing evidence based education, emotional, and physical support to the birthing person/family during pregnancy/labor/birth and postpartum period, the transition into parenthood.

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